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Welcome to SpanielAce the home for all the best content for Spaniel dog owners. This article will cover the incredibly important pet insurance. We believe pet insurance is vital for happy and healthy spaniel breeds including Cockers, Springers, King Charles, Cavalier King Charles, Brittany, Clumber, Sussex, Irish Water and Boykin and spaniel mix breeds (e.g. Cavapoo, Cockapoo and Sprockers).


If you are short of term we have shortlisted the key information here with more detail below.

  • Best Pet Insurance Provider in the UK for Spaniel Dogs – We use and have been happy with Petplan but other pet insurers are referenced below.
  • Typical Pet Insurance Policies: Lifetime cover or time-limited cover (cheaper).
  • Pet Insurance cost per month – £20-£50 per month depending on cover and dog (age, medical history etc).

Introduction to Pet insurance

First the basics in the UK there is no ‘NHS for pets’ so as owners you will need to cover the costs of all the health (and dental) care for your pet which is why it is worth doing your homework.

Insurance is a key cost when owning a spaniel dog and should be considered before finding your perfect spaniel dog your animal to make sure you can afford the right cover. The PDSA estimates monthly costs for a medium size dog is £70 per month. Insurance is a key part of this cost (along with food).

what are the different types of pet insurance cover?

Insurers often provide a lifetime cover or a time-limited cover. Lifetime cover is the most comprehensive and it covers one-off and long-term conditions.

Life-time Cover:

The main advantage is that if your pet develops a longer-term illness this would be covered for life if the policy is renewed each year up to the maximum cover in a 12-month period (so it will say covers Vet fees up £12,000 per year for example).

Time-limited Cover:

This allows you to claim for each condition for a 12-month period but then the condition is excluded. This can become very expensive if that condition then requires further treatment or any veterinary hospital visits.

what is covered by Pet insurance?

Below is an example from Pet Plan as to what they cover but each policy selected will have different levels depending on the cost and what is selected.

  • Veterinary fees
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Behavioural conditions
  • Congenital, hereditary, hip related.
  • Dental cover

Spaniel Dogs pet insurance costs

According to the PDSA the average monthly cost of ownership for a typical dog is £80. The largest parts of this cost is food and insurance.

do not go for the cheapest pet insurance

In our experience of owning a spaniel which has had health complications the cover provided by our pet insurance has been vital for us to keep our dog healthy.

Some owners are not aware of the limitations of their pet insurance until they are informed by their veterinarian by which point it can become very stressful if the procedure is expensive.

what is the best pet insurance for your spaniel?

We use Petplan and found them to be excellent in paying out promptly under the ‘cover for life’ policy. This has been incredibly helpful as our Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel has developed a long-term illness and this policy has allowed us to have treatment over time including hospital visits (which have run into thousands of pounds).

Top UK pet insurance providers for dogs

To check out the Best Pet Insurance Reviews check out Trust Pilot via this link.

  • Petplan (TrustScore 4.7/5 from 13k reviews)
  • Animals Friends Insurance (TrustScore 4.4/5 from 30k reviews)
  • Purely Pets (TrustScore 4.4/5 from 13k reviews)
  • Agria Pet (TrustScore 4.7/5 from 5k reviews)
  • Petwise Pet (TrustScore 4.7/5 from 3k reviews)
  • Waggel Pet (TrustScore 4.6/5 from 2k reviews)

Image Credit: Graham Gordon-Jones on Unsplash

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